Increase The Cinnamon to My Diet! – Why

There’s lots of hype about cinnamon as being a natural strategy to bloodstream sugar. This perks in the ears of anybody that’s confronted with a Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms problem.

It had been discovered years back the way a polyphenol that is found in cinnamon and known as MHCP (methylhydroxy chalcone polymer) can enhance the glucose metabolic process in body fat cells around 20-fold.

Cinnamon is definitely an effect method to help stabilize bloodstream sugar, sometimes known as the “poor man’s blood insulin”. Now are you aware that the cinnamon you purchase at the favorite supermarket might not be cinnamon whatsoever? Initially all cinnamon originated from Ceylon, however most cinnamon offered in America originates from Indonesia, large difference.

The species grown in Indonesia is known as cassia. Cassia is really a hard woody texture plus they make use of all layers from the bark. Because the whole tree can be used this species is less costly. Obtain the idea! Right, you receive that which you purchase.

Ground cinnamon can be included to shakes, juice along with other meals including tea or coffee. Add 1/4 teaspoon per serving, 2 portions each day is suggested. Only at that degree of dosage, it’s been proven to reduce the bloodstream sugar leaves from 18% to 29%, triglycerides around 30% and total cholesterol decrease in the plethora of 12% to 26%. This happens normally within 45 days.

You might double the amount dosage to at least one Or 2 teaspoon two times each day, which might be essential for some people. Individuals people that monitor their bloodstream sugar, watch out for a reaction. As with many cases with vitamin supplementation, more isn’t always better. Beyond 1/2 teaspoon, two times each day, won’t produce better results.

In a single study that required 6 – 1/24 months to accomplish. The participants within the study have been on anti-diabetic drugs that create a rise in blood insulin. The audience required a placebo or 500mg cinnamon capsules.

Group 1 required 1 gram (1/2 teaspoon)
Group 2 required 3 grams (about 1 teaspoon)
Group 3 required 6 grams (almost 2 teaspoons)

Significant cutbacks in bloodstream levels was experienced. What’s interesting is the fact that Group 1 had the very best enhanced blood sugar levels. This proves more isn’t better. 1 gram of cinnamon was everything your body required to enhance the bloodstream glucose level.

However, taking more cinnamon as Group 2 and three did provided improvement of bloodstream amounts of fats known as triglycerides. All people during these groups ought to triglyceride levels in the 40-day reason for the exam.

Cinnamon should take part in our diet, whether or not there’s an problem with Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms. Only a sprinkle isn’t enough.

For the information, orthodox medicine doesn’t persuade folks to consume cinnamon like a prevention measure for diabetes type 2. Nor will they point out that diabetes type 2 is triggered by trans-essential fatty acids along with other bad fats. Nor will they tell people exactly what the best weight loss program is for diabetics. Nor will they tell people how to remedy their diabetes.

Clearly Large Pharmacy wants you to definitely buy their drugs.

Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn (also known as acid reflux) is a common and uncomfortable problem that occurs when stomach acid comes up from the stomach into the esophagus.  Comparing to other condition such as uncovertebral hypertrophy,there are some simple heartburn home remedies that you can use to reduce the burning sensation and help calm the stomach.


Chewing gum is a simple solution.  Chewing gum can suppress nerves that trigger pain like the burning sensation.  Heartburn often causes a reduction in salvia.  Chewing gum forces the increase of saliva production, which in turn increases pH in the body.  This helps to protect the stomach against the acid.According to some health sites,gum also helps the digestion process.


Other foods can be used instead of gum to help with heartburn.  Foods like celery are great.  You want something that requires a lot of chewing and produces excessive saliva.


For those that do not have lactose problems, milk can be used to neutralize acid reflux and act as a buffer.


There is a reason some South American steakhouses give you pineapple after a heavy meal.  Pineapple has bromelain in it.  Bromelain acts an aid in digestion and reduces stomach inflammation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is a common home remedy for several ailments.  In this case the acetic acid in ACV stimulates digestion and saliva production.

What Are Proanthenols (OPC’s)?

What Are Proanthenols (OPC’s)?

Proanthenols are a powerful antioxidant that will
fight off and destroy the free radicals in your body.
Free radicals are incredibly destructive.  Free radicals damage our cells, which can mean premature aging, reduced immune function, inflammation, fatigue and
ultimately degenerative disease.

“Indeed, an estimated 80 to 90 percent of
all degenerative diseases involves free radical activity”.
Stop Aging Now
-Jean Carper

Free radicals are indeed very destuctive. They
surge through your body out of control, attacking cells,
turning fats rancid, rusting their protiens,  piercing
their membranes and corrupting their genetic code
until the cells become dysfunctional and often give up and die.
Excessive free radicals in the body will actually
speed up the aging proccess. Did you ever wonder why those who smoke or drink excessively tend to look older than they actually are?  Smoking fills the body with free radicals, as do environmental pollutions, chemical or radiation exposure, and even many of the foods that we eat.

“Chemically, free radicals are molecules
in the body that are missing an electron.
They are desperately trying to snatch one
from any other molecule. In doing so, they become melecular terrorists. They can be neutralized by antioxidants, compounds that give up one of their electrons, thus returning the free radicals to normal and stopping their cellular mayhem.”
Stop Aging Now
-Jean Carper

Our primary defense is antioxidant nutrients, of
which the most well known are Vitamins C and E.
The biological activity of antioxidants is enormously
important to our health. OPC’s are very powerful antioxidant free radical scavengers. They are as much
as 50 times more potent than Vitamin E and 20
times more than Vitamin C.
OPC’s are major protectors of collagen, the basic foundation of our blood vessels and all connective tissues such as skin, and ligaments around joints and tendons.
In the battle against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Proanthenols can play a very powerful role. They assist
in keeping the blood cells in healthy condition, enabling them to properly carry nutrients and oxygen to every
part of your body. Once this proccess begins to take effect, the body will be in a position to begin healing
Proanthenols are available at many discount or department stores, however, all OPC’s are not created equal.
Being potent antioxidants, OPC’s are highly sensitive to environmental conditions. Processing and extraction technology, in fact, can be quite critical! Years of work by Berkem Laboratories have led to the current state of technology. Comparative assays demonstrate the Berkem process to be unsurpassed in providing the highest concentrations of oligomers, and typically, the very active dimers and trimers. Under the wrong conditions, these active materials can bind together to form higher groupings and, eventually, the tannins. While potentially active as antioxidants-tannins are in essence higher-order polymeric groupings of the same catechins and epicatechins-these molecules, in tannin form, may lose critical characteristics of solubility. Solubility is key to allowing the oligomers to
travel to important parts of the body, including the blood stream, and to be readily accessible to blood vessels, skin, ligaments, etc.
Since I have had the unfortunate experiance of suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I understand that you do not have time to waste with sub-standard treatments. This is why I only recommend the Proanthenols offered by Life Plus, who uses the
extraction techniques developed by Berkem
Laboratories in Southern France.
Due to my personal success, I have confidence in
them and can recommend them in good concience.
All of their proccessing is actually overlooked by 10 Proffessional Doctors, who ensure as a team that the products being developed and offered are of the highest standards.
Another important reason that Life Plus Proanthenols Bio-Complex stands out is the inclusion of CytoFlav-C,
which is a blend of  nutrients including Lemon
Bioflavonoids, Hesperidin, Rutin, Quercetin and
Vitamin C.
Also, all Proanthenols BIO-COMPLEX products are formulated in the proprietary Life Plus PhytoZyme? tablet base. PhytoZyme base is a unique combination of concentrates containing numerous phytonutrients from over thirty different plants !!
The use of high quality patented extracts from both grape seeds and pine bark combined with the other
unique synergistic nutrients in CytoFlav-C and the Life Plus PhytoZyme tablet base provide what I have found to be the best OPC product available anywhere.
In addition, it only makes sense to take advantage of the various individual catechins that occur in both grape seed and pine bark extracts. Each of them have their
value and the Life Plus formula takes advantage of both, where most products will try to save money at your expense by using only one or the other.
You are able to order your Proanthenols directly from Life Plus using an 800 #  or On-line with a
secured server. They also ship very quickly!  You will usually recieve your order in 3 to 5 days!
One other thing that impresses me about the Life Plus
policy, is that if you do not experiance the results that you are expecting, you will recieve your money back!
I thought that was really great, however, niether I, nor any of my clients have ever had to send the Proanthenols back, bacause they worked!!

The Detox Effect
Note: Using Proanthenols and MSM have been known to cause a detox effect in people. Multiple toxins within your cells may be released, as your body attempts to eliminate them. This of course is a desired effect, and will ultimately be one of the proccesses by which you feel better in the long run.
However, be aware that when you first begin to use the products, the detox effect may make certain people feel temporarily worse, as these toxins are released back into your blood stream and then elminated from the body.
This proccess will not last very long, and varies from person to person. Please give us some feedback concerning your experience with the products, so that we can begin to measure the average detox length. You may also let us know if you do not experience the detox effect at all.

If you have any other questions about the Proanthenols that I did not answer here, you are
welcome to call me personally. If you would like to order the Proanthenols, simply follow the instructions below.


If you have ever looked closely at the air space in a
room as the sun shined through the window, you may have
been shocked by what you saw. What you assumed to be clean air,
was full of dust, pollen, smoke, and other toxins.
We wish to emphasize the importance of receiving plenty of clean air.
We also understand how difficult this may be, especially if you are
living in a city, near a factory, or by a dumping site.
The constant subjection to automobile exhaust, smoke, factory pollutions,
toxins  and neurotoxins, eventually takes a terrible toll on the body if it
goes unchecked, and can very quickly become ONE of the aspects causing
a person to feel constantly fatigued.
We recommend that you keep windows cracked as often as possible to
allow for the flow of fresh air into the home or office. Get out into the
fresh air and sunshine when possible as well, making sure that you do not
spend much time in the direct sunlight. If your office does not have windows,
you need to get outside as often as possible, and NOT by the smoking section.
Breathing the re-circulated air of office buildings is often the cause of many
illnesses which lead to a fatigued mind and body.
A recommendation that we put forth for all people, (especially those in
the cities), is to purchase a quality portable air filter system. We understand
that the better units do cost a good deal of money, and so this is obviously
recommended as a step that should be taken only when you are financially
prepared to do so.
It is recommended that you aquire a system that comes equipped with a
negative ionizer. The negative ionizer will produce negative ions which will
attach themselves to the positive ions of the pollutants in the room, which
will then fall to the floor.
The combination of a quality air filter system, circulation of fresh air from
opened windows and even the introduction of more plants into the room
will lead to a higher consumption of oxygen.
Remember, a lack of oxygen to the brain is the culprit of many different
ailments and diseases, (such as stroke).  We should endeavor to ensure that
our bodies receive plenty of oxygen. We also need to be sure that our
circulatory system is working at peak performance so that it may carry the
life giving oxygen to every cell of our brains and body.
(Note that exercise is the perfect way to work on both of these needs
at the same exact time.)

1) Get as much clean air as possible.
2) Open Windows.
3) Spend time outside.
4) Aquire an air filter system with a negative ionize
5) Exercise